I am making a list of sounds that animals make for my students.

I wrote some , I thought it would be a good idea to post it here so you guys can help me make it complete.

1. donkey- Bray

2. Hen- cluck

3. Rooster-crow

4. Lion- Roar

5. Duck- Quack

6. Cat- Meow

7. Dog- bark

8. Cow- moo

9. Horse- neigh, whinny

10. Snake- hiss

11. Sheep- baa


Lots of lists already exist. [link ]

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Bees buzz.
Crows caw.
Chicks cheep or peep.
Cattle actually low.
Cats also purr and kittens mew.
Frogs croak.
Geese honk.

Mice and rats squeak.
Some birds squawk.
Wolves howl.
Hawks, some owls, and a few other birds shriek.
Jays screech, or well, are just annoying. grin
Other words I can think of, but not limited to a specific animal are: chitter, click, and chatter

Seagulls cry, and it sounds like it! ... but cry isn't an onomatopoeia, like your list.
Are you looking for actual words, or also common sounds we use, like woof or ribbit which aren't actual words, are they?

Oh! And chickadees are called that because they make that sound.. chick-a-dee-dee-dee. We have them around here.

You can have some fun with your class if you ask them to make the actual sounds lithat animals make, and compare them to the English sounds.
eg English sheep say 'baaaaa'. What do Chinese sheep say?'

You often get different sounds from different nationalities.

Thanks clive.

It sounds a good idea. But if I let my students do it , I cannot stop them.

BTW, I don't know about chineese ones, but Iranian sheep baa and our cows moo too.
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What do your cats and dogs do?

Unlike other countries, our cats chase the dogs, and if our dogs complain, they are hanged.
I think a goose honks.
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And the little goats ? Beacuse in spanish have a curious name called "chozpa"
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