Hi everyone, do you still remember the animated cartoons shown on TV when you were kids? Some of them are still popular until now. Some are domestically made and some from abroad. And I want to know about each animated cartoon that might be known worldwide, besides Donald Duck, Pooh bear, Tom and Jerry. Looking forward to your posts!
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I would expect that the Warner Bros. characters (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, et cetera) are popular worldwide. It isn't a Saturday morning cartoon, but I know that The Simpsons are very famous internationally, and probably South Park as well.
Thanks for your note YoungCalifornian. Yes, they are well-known and we have those figures decorated on mugs, T-shirts.

I'm not quite sure about "Saturday moring cartoon". Are those cartoons usually shown on TV on weekend? And that's why you call them Saturday morning cartoons, is that so? And The Simpsons and South Park are more for adults, are they?

Looking forward to your notes. Thank you! Emotion: smile
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And don't forget Avery's great characters, the wolf etc... !
Yes! Thanks for your note. I almost forgot Droopy! One of my friend in elementary school was nicknamed Droopy. I love that cartoon.
And how about Woody Woodpecker, and the roadrunner and the coyote?Emotion: smile
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Traditionally Saturday morning is dedicated to children's shows on all the major American channels (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, the WB), most of which are animated. The Simpsons on the other hand was the first animated show I'm aware of to debut at prime time (8:00pm to 10:00pm), which is usually reserved for adult sitcoms and dramas. Fittingly, The Simpsons clearly has a more adult sense of humor. The show really opend the floodgates as far as adult-oriented cartoons go. Since their success with The Simpsons, FOX has produced other prime time animated shows such as The Critic, King of the Hill, and The Family Guy. South Park also followed in the footsteps of The Simpsons, although it's much raunchier and only airs after 10:00pm on Comedy Central, a cable network.
From Japan came AstroBoy. In Japan it is called Atom Boy.

I think the first ever cartoon was Felix The Cat. Does anyone know whether this is true?
Hi Mike in japan,

AstroBoy was quite popular and had frequent appearance on TV, kid books. I liked that one, but it's not that often seen now adays which is surely a pity.

I have little idea of Felix The Cat, though I recognize the figure, but it is not until I read your note that I got to know his name.Emotion: smile Thank you
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