<Soft music is playing in the background>

Wife: What's the occasion?
Husband: I'll let you guess.
Wife: It's not our wedding anniversary. And it's not my birthday or yours.
Husband: Keep going
Wife: Is it the first day we met? I remember it was a month before the end of spring semester.
Husband: You're a genius. Guess what. I made your favorite rib-eye steak and mashed potatoes.

1. Are there any mistakes?
2. By the way, is there a term for the anniversary?

Looks good to me.
I'm not aware of a term to describe the day people first met.
By the way, what was the soft music playing in the background? I might need to use it.Emotion: smile
I made it up... I love Norah Jones' first album. I think they call the style blue music. Her voice is so angelic. Umm...now, I feel like listening.