The annual conference to which I am a delegate occurs every other year.

The answer key says that annual has to be changed to biannual or semiannual. I think using biannual is plausible, but why semiannual? I think semiannual means twice a year right? Please advise.

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semiannual is something that happens twice a year. They just want to check you know the difference between the words.

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Sorry, but I am still confused.

If it is an annual conference, it is held once a year. So, I think the original sentence isn't logically correct.

If I say the biannual conference or semiannual conference happens every other year, to me it sounds like they are held twice every two years. I think I am lost here. Doesn't every other year mean every two years? Please advise.

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biennial (happening once in every two years) and biannual (happening twice a year).
Is biennual the best answer here? Please advise.

I think:

Biannual - lasts (occures) half a year = 6 month

Semiannual - occuring twice a year
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Biannual, Biennial, Semiannual
"Biannual" and "semiannual" both mean "twice a year." "Biennial" means "every two years." Because of the possible confusion between "biannual" and "biennial," use "semiannual" when you want to describe something that occurs twice a year.
So in this sentence, the best word should be biennual. Is it correct? Please advise.

Lcchang So in this sentence, the best word should be biennual. Is it correct? Please advise.
Yes, but it's quite rare, and confused with biannual, as mentioned by Goodman. I'd let the original sentence as it is, just to avoid confusion. But your call.
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