Hey guys!

I'm sorry to post a thing like this but my mom found the link and I just can't leave it unshared.

Please help to BAN Canada's annual seal slaughter !! It happens every year, it's approved by the authority, and what's most ghastly - they kill young harp seals... which means they kill CHILDREN!!

Please sign the petition on the site if the future of the cutest tiny seals does mean anything to you. If you don't want to write your address, just write your city twice.

Let's help them to survive! Emotion: crying

Ruslana, according to your Header you're Russian. Do you know anything about life in your own Siberian Arctic? Do you have ANY KNOWLEDGE of the killing that goes on up there? Or why? After you've cleaned up your own back yard (and I suspect cows will fly LONG before that happens) then you might be ready to take on other issues -- though the killing of Harp seals will by then not be on the table -- or the ice, since there will be no ice left for the Seals to whelp on any more, so the Arctic Seal will go the way of the Polar Bear, the Arctic Tern and probably most of the Arctic Caribou... Extinction. Bye bye
You may not like the Russians (which can clearly be assumed from your words), but don't you know there are bad&good, cruel&kind people in EVERY country?

Oh come on, what was your post for, regarding this topic? If you don't want to sign the petition (just because Russian people haven't cleaned up their backyard first) - nobody compels you to do this.
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Ruslana you know that i signed the petition, and im sure anyone with a HEART will. I hope they can ban it for good.
Hey Lana,
don't worry, Dormouse just meant to say he supports genetic mutations in cows and hope one day he'll see them fly.

Anyway, yeah, horrible things like those happen all the time, in many places. It's not just seals, it's about several other animals too.... whether it is for making coats, or eat some "special" meat, or keep "special" animals in cages, or whatever. I just won't sign the petition because I don't like petitions and laws in general, because I know it won't help making any major changes. Look at Greenpeace for example: it looks like they are forced to fight for these things, and if opposing such horrible things was so easy, organizations like Greenpeace wouldn't even exist. So it's not easy, unfortunately. Emotion: smile
Thanks, Tifany!

Kooyeen, I love your sense of humor. Emotion: smile
You know, I don't like petitions and laws in general too because usually they indeed make no changes, unfortunately. But I'm a complete optimist so I do hope that SOME things may be changed, sooner or later. Just look at this news dated 19th March 2009 (today) - I read it just this morning and WAS surprised that the government at last has done something worthy!!

"The Russian government listened to its citizens and ended their seal hunt," Rebecca Aldworth, director of Humane Society International/Canada, said. "We call on Stephen Harper to act now on behalf of the overwhelming majority of Canadians, and put a final end to the Canadian seal slaughter."

It only concerns seals younger than 1 year old, though Emotion: sad but at least it's SOMETHING.
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What a damnably brutal world we live in...

http://www.hsus.org/hsi/press_room/press_releases/hsi_condemns_seal_quota.html [:'(]
Now if only we can convince the Japanese to stop hunting whales. In my recent trip to Antarctica, we saw many derelict old whaling stations, whaling ships, and whale bones littering the shores. The seals had been nearly wiped out in the 1800's (fur trade), and populations have recovered because they are no longer hunted. The whales are a different story. They have very long lives, and do not reproduce rapidly. Most nations stopped hunting whales in the 1960's, when their populations had been reduced to 10% or less of their original levels, depending on the species. Their populations have not recovered; some may never recover. Hunting and killing whales is totally stupid and senseless.
And on this same topic, we need to help the albatrosses, too. They are the "collateral damage" of the long-line fishing industry. There are very cheap ways that fishermen can avoid catching birds on fishing lines. http://www.savethealbatross.net /