This letter is an invitation letter to my parents to show as proof to the US consulate
that I have invited them over to visit us here in the USA. (in combination with the
'sponsorship letter to the US consulate' thread)
Please comment on it and let me know of any changes you suggest.

Once again,
do I sign this or simply type/print/write my name?
is the date required? if so, where?
what about the leading tabs for the paras?

Thanks again,


Mr. James Bond and Mrs. Jenna Bond
Addr line 1
Addr line 2

Dear Mother and Father,

I would like to invite both of you to the United States of America to visit and stay with John and me for 6 months. It would be very nice to have you with me during the graduation ceremony of my Master’s program in Information Systems from The Best University. During your course of stay, we can visit various tourist places in USA such as New York, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and Las Vegas.

During your stay here, you will also get an opportunity to see and experience the western culture, meet different kinds of people and taste different varieties of food. You will also enjoy the nice weather and city I live in.

During your stay in the United States, John and I will bear all your expenses including, but not limited to, travel expenses within the USA, medical insurance, board and lodging. You can stay with us in our home.

We will have a nice time together after a long time. So, please plan accordingly for the trip. I am eagerly waiting for you to visit me.

Yours lovingly,
I take it this is more for them to show immigration than the actual invitation!

I've given you some general help with your other post. See Sponsorship letter to consulate ....

One possible problem is that in your letter to the consulate you state they will be staying for 3 months, but this letter invites them for 6 months. Be consistant.
Yup, you are right. This letter is for them to show and not the actual invitation.

I have taken note of the previous post. Thanks for that.

I discovered the inconsistency after posting. Corrected it already.
It is 6 months in both the letters.

curious .... consistent or consistant ?

Thanks for all your help.
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ah..consistent, sorry
Did this letter work? Im interested in inviting my brother to my graduation as well!
my loving sister, i like to visit you next mouth.
please am plan to come in to the usa to visit you

yours lovingly
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