1. He eats an apple.

2. He eats another apple.

3. He eats an another apple.

I know the third sentence is flawed. However, the words starts with a vowel needs the determiner 'an'.

To say ' He eats a apple' is incorrect.

The word 'apple' is already defined by the determiner 'another'. Therefore, you don't need an extra determiner. I don't think the word 'another' is a noun. This is my understanding.

I maybe wrong. I appreciate your comments on this.
Etymologically "another" is "an other". So "He eats an another apple" is "He is an an other apple", which is clearly wrong.

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Thank you for teaching me the ethymological aspects. I didn't know it.

Could you write in Russian too?
Ya govoryu po russki, no tol'ko nemonoshko


It's for an another finale? Or

It's for another finale

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It's for an another finale? Or

It's for another finale.

An other weekend

You must say another, there is no such thing as an another, it doesn't make any sense, sorry to the people who think its an another. You are wrong. Goodbye.

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