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1. Find a number whose double exceeds its half by exactly 99.

2. A haulage contractor did not have room in his garage for 8 of his trucks. He therefore increased the size of his garage by 50 percent, which gave him room for 8 more trucks than he owned altogether. How many trucks did he own? [Note - He did not buy any more trucks after rebuilding his garage]


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AH! Math problems....

1> [email protected]$#%[email protected]#[email protected]$

2> [email protected]#$4!#@@[email protected]%!

(Hidden, and digits separated...)


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1) An easy one. You can easily solve it by using an equation, as below:

2 X+ ½ X = X + 99

Which means:

4 X + X - 2 X = 99 ---> 3 X = 99 ---> X = 33

And since X = ½ N

N = the number we are looking for.

The number is 66.

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Congrats, you two!

YoHf... that is some explanation! Emotion: starI didn't realise there were so many steps involved when I did it mentally! Emotion: surprise


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another explanation for the quizz




Yes. That way you don't need to make the (x2) at the end.

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Eheh. I admit that. [h]

2) It should be 24.

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