I have other questions,

1) W:You know, the days are getting longer now. Spring officially arrived last night!
M:And none to soon. Now if only the temperature would cooperate - i'm tired of
wearing winter clothes.

what does 'cooperate' means?

2) W:It looks as though I'm not going to have to take marketing 101.
M:That's great! I guess your work experience is really paying off.

what does 'as though' means?

3) W:Oh, this headache - do you have any aspirin?

what does 'this headche' means?

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(1) is a rather metaphorical use of 'cooperate'- he hopes the weather will not, by remaining cold, oppose his desire to shed his winter clothing .

(2) 'as though' = 'as if' = 'like'. It appears that he will not be required to take the course.

(3) [url="http://www.onelook.com/?w=headache&ls=a "]ONE LOOK DICTIONARY[/url]
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Perhaps you were confused by the sentence construction of 3. The total sentence might be "Oh! This headache I have is terrible."
Thanks again for your careful answer.
But I do know the meaning of 'headache', my question is that a sentence above has only noun - this headache -.
I think that other words may need to complete a sentence.
for example 'this headache is bad' etc...
but in my book, above sentence is all I can read.
This is conversational English, Taeik, and as such contains a sentence fragment and loose punctuation:

'Oh, this headache - do you have any aspirin?' = 'Oh, this headache (is terrible/painful/excruciating)! Do you have any aspirin?'
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