I am sending a letter to 4 different people. Each letter is going to have the same body but will be individually addressed to each of those 4 people. At the end of the letter i want to indicate to the person that I have sent the letter to the other 3 people. How can I indicate that? It seems that cc is not the right solution--because it's not a carbon copy of the letter, the addresses and names will be different. Does anyone know the answer?

For instance..i'm going to send the same letter to Bob, Joe, Mary, and Jane. i want bob to see that i sent the same letter to the others, not just copied them on it.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi Kirsten,

The most common/popular way of doing this is by writitng your letter addressing it to the person intended then at the bottom of the letter you put:

cc. Tom Burke
Sarah Cox
Louis Brown

and then make copies and highlight with a highlighter the name at the bottom who you are sending it to

Hope this helps


Thanks for your reply, however, i'm not copying the other three on the letter, i'm sending the same letter to all four people, and i want each of them to see that i sent the same letter to the other three.

Not a copy, but more like a mass mailing.

I just ended up sending it with cc and the rest of their names, even though that wasn't what i was looking for. but I had a deadline!

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Alternatively, you can type one letter with all four persons as addressee/recipients (no ccs at all). You can either print four separate originals to each or print one letter, copy three times, and highlight each separate addressee before placing the letter in an envelope to each.