Can the apostrophe be used to show possession ofa subject that is a proper noun or any noun. Example- The Board expects to meet its' goals.
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" its " is already a possesive pronoun. There is no " its' " for whatever reason, I guess.
As whl626 said, no apostrophe after "its" since it is already in possessive form.
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What about " The board expects to meet their goals" ?
Sorry Maj. Try;
The board members expect to meet their goals
I think ' board ' or ' board members ' are acceptable since board means a group of people.
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In that case 'The board expect to meet their goals'
But it still doesn't sound right to me.
Another similar term ' audience 'Emotion: smile

eg The audience give their standing ovation everytime when an onstage performance is finished.
You are right its shows possession just like you said. The word it's is a contraction of it is. Putting a appostrophe at the end of the word will be incorrect.
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