Dear masters, here is another sentence completion question. Hope you will help me solve it again. Thank you so much in advance.

"Despite some allowances for occupational mobility, the normal expectation of seventeenth-century English society was that the child's vocation would develop along familial lines; ---- the career of one's parents was therefore ----.
A. disagreement with .. forbidden
B. divergence from .. limited
C. preparation for .. difficult
D. reliance on .. unanticipated
E. assumption of .. premature"

The answer is B. But, since I don't get what "child's vocation" is, and what the relationship of "occupational mobility" and "the child's vocation would develop along familial lines" is, I have no idea why C is correct.
'Occupational mobility': the ability to move from one occupation (job) to another.

'The child's vocation...' Vocation means 'calling', which means: a profession, a job, an occupation.

'.... would develop along familial lines': in 17th century Enlish society, the child would normally take up the same occupation as the parents.

B is correct. 'Divergence from' means: go in a different direction from' .

C is not correct. Preparation for the career of one's parents would not necessarily be difficult. The assumption would be that preparation for a career that is already in the family would be easier than preparation for a different career; and the society's expectation that the child would follow in the career of the parents would likely disprove the child's choosing an occupation that differed from that of the parents.
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Thank you so much! Emotion: smile

I was intented to say "why B is correct", but accidentally I wrote: "why C is correct". I am so sorry. (You know, our "edit" function is limited. I Just don't get why.)

But that's okay. It didn't cause any trouble to my understanding your illumination. Thank you.

So, "child's vocation" refers to the vocation the child would choose after he/she grow up.
And "child's vocation would develop along familial lines" means child would follow parents' step, and take up the same vocation as parents.
Now I see why it's B.
I'm glad to be of some help, Jeff. You understood correctly.

Yes, we all await a working edit button.