I posted this in "A Logical Riddle" but here it is again.

A husband and wife are explorers, and they go to Antarctica one year to research and explore with a whole expedition. However, once they reach the ice continent, something goes terribly wrong, and they are seperated from the rest of the expedition. They get lucky on the first day and manage to hunt down a seal, make a fire, and eat the seal meat, but that runs out after a week or so. Since the husband was the one who'd hunted the seal, the wife decides to go out hunting for meat. After a day, she returns with a large chunk of meat, though she is cleary exhausted from her hunting, and looks rather pale and limping slightly.

She hands the meat to her husband, who asks her what it is. She says brightly, "Penguin meat." Amused, they set down to eat. The wife then goes hunting after a few days again, as she knows where the penguins roost. This time she comes back in just half a day, though she looks just as tired as the other time. She gives the meat to her husband, and tells him to finish it all, saying she already ate some.

Two days later, the wife dies. The husband takes up her bundled-up-blankets body and tosses it into the sea for a burial. As he does that, his luck turns and he spots his expedition ship. He manages to get back safely home.

Several years later, he is eating at a high-class restaurant. He is served some food he has never tasted in his life before. Curious, he asks the head waiter what it is.

"Penguin meat," the waiter replies.

Hearing that, the husband's eyes go wide and he leaps out the fourth-floor window to his death.

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May be his wife (as a Ghost) has come back, as she only knows where the Penguins are.
lol no, not that far-fetched.

Simple, realistic answer.
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May be he thought that his wife died only because of eating Penguin meat. So he is afraid that he too might die if he takes the meat.
Each time his wife goes out hunting, she returns pale and weak. She is cutting chunks off her own leg and feeding it to her husband. Emotion: ick!
Oh Abbie, the central point is just disgusting.
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It certainly is!!
Haha yeah that is the answer, the husband realized he was eating...his wife.... and so he killed himself.
At the restaurant, he realized that if this was penguin meat....he should recognize it...but then he realized he hadn't been eating penguin meat all those years ago, he was eating parts of his loved one.
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