Hey guys

First time poster here. Be gentle.

I was looking to get an answer to whether the following sentence invokes the subjunctive mood or not:

"There's a chance that I might go back to where I was/were before"

To me, the use of a 'possible future' should make the verb subjunctive, but somehow the sentence just sounds off in my ears; I can't explain it. Anyway, any input is much appreciated. Thanks. Emotion: smile
Welcome to EF, Sausages. In my native language, which is in no way related to English, the verb forms required in sentences like yours are so completely different that nobody could make a mistake with them. You actually were somewhere before. It's a fact. That's why you need the indicative mood: There's a chance that I might go back to where I was before. You could use may instead of might and that would slightly increase the likelihood of your going back in the listener's mind.
I might go: this is subjunctive mood (not plain subjunctive), you have a doubt there
I was before: no doubts, no imagination, no possibility, thus indicative
I take the subjunctive mood as defined in George Curme and at Wikipedia (which I strongly recommend to you)
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Thanks for the quick answers.

I guess sometimes you just have to rely on your ear. See, the reason I posted this in the first place was that I heard this sentence sung in a new song by Danish band Veto. Being perhaps too reliant on authority (in this case whoever proofread their lyrics, or the band themselves), I must have hypercorrected myself into believing the subjunctive was required.

I'll go shout abuse at them at the Roskilde Festival coming up.

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