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I have a question regarding the use of "another". I read somewhere that "another" can only be used with singular nouns. So, my question is, can i say " there will be another two new students joining my class". If I can't, then what's the proper way to say what I want to say? If I can, then is it exceptional?

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"Another two new students" is okay. Here "another" is an adjective rather than a pronoun. As a pronoun it is singular, but as an adjective it can be used with plural or singular nouns. For example:

Another new student arrived today.

Another three new students arrived today.

That's another three that arrived today.

That's another new one that arrived today.

As soon as a recruit quit, another joined up.
lawn2llawn2what's the proper way to say what I want to say?
Don't overthink things.
You just say this: "There will be two new students joining my class."
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it doesn't express what I really want to say.
Thanks a lot for your explanation. But how can I differentiate between "another" as an adjective and as a pronoun?
As an adjective it modifies some noun and is positioned like any other adjective, before the noun:

Adj.: Another student joined the class.

Pronoun: A recruit quit and another joined up the next day.
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Don't put a noun after it, and you've got the pronoun.

I've already had one beer. Now I'd like another. (pronoun)

another city, another beer, another man, another garden (adjective)

You can think of 'another two students' like this:

another (group of) two students

Okay. I think I got it.

What about in this situation. Someone gives me two pencils and they're all broken. So I want to replace them. Can i say " Can I have another pencils?"

Sorry if I asked too many questions, I just want to really understand it. Thanks a lot.
lawn2llawn2another pencils
No way! Impossible! No, no, no! Emotion: big smile

Can I have some more pencils?

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