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Thats what we are supposed to write on:

You work for Seagram Computer Spirits, a software company that specializes in e-commerce and cryptography programs. In addition to supervising the development and implementation of these programs, you also have to manage customer relations.
Jim Beam, an acquaintance of yours, wrote an e-mail to you to find out about molecular computing, e-commerce, and cryptography. He owns a medium-sized company that produces car parts and sells them wholesale and retail.
Mr. Beam asks specific questions:
1) Will molecular computing be available in the next few years? Should his company start saving money to replace their existing computer systems with molecular computers?
2) Will e-commerce really be essential for the survival of his company?
3) Is your company capable of providing full cryptography services

The text must contain at least 200 Words.

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SUBJECT: RE: I have some questions to you

Dear Jim,
Good to hear from you. How have you been since we last met?

Turning to your specific questions:

You asked me if molecular computing will be available in the next few years.
In my opinion, this technology is still in its baby-shoes. Don’t get me wrong: Some great achievements have been made in the last couple of years but we are still far away from using this tool in our daily live.

Your second question was whether I think ecommerce is essential for the survival of your company. Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question because I am no expert in business administration. I could, however, forward your question to a colleague of mine if that is ok with you. He will gladly assist you on that matter.

Your next question was on the types of cryptography services our company provides.
We have specialized on digital signatures. A digital signature provides you a way to make sure that a message or document you receive was created by a known sender. If this is the cryptographic service you are looking for we are the right partner for you.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
Otherwise, I hope that we can work together successfully soon.

Kind regards,
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