my Cousine in US has sended us (my family) an Invitation card to his wedding ceremony, as he is going to marray next month.
Well, we are in europe and have no time to go. I would like to write him back 2 or 3 lines and say our thanks for the invitation and wish him and his wife all love for life and ..... (what ever you wish normally to a couple, who is going to marry).
As you can guess, my mother tongue is not english and I do not know how to start.
Could some body help me writing these 2, 3 lines.

Thanks a lot

Dear (Jim and Anna),

Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage! I wish that we could be there with you to share in your wedding day, but please know that we are sending you our love (and prayers if that is appropriate for you). We wish you great happiness and joy as you begin your new life together.

All our best,

oh thanks alot for this very nice letter :-)
I just wanted to add the following line. Could you please confirm that it is ok, or in the case it is not ok, it would be very nice if you could correct it:

"Please remember that whenever you would like to come to Austria, we would be pleased to welcome you in our house."

Thank alot again
Harald :-)
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It's fine as is, but you may want to say

Please remember that if you ever visit Austria, it would be our pleasure to host you - you will always be welcome in our house.

(By the way, I was the one in the chat room who told you to post here.)
thank u again. :-)
it is greate that you help here in this forum all people around te world.

hope to c u again in here or in chatroom