Hi I don't answer can you tell me!

1-what occurs once in a minute,twice in a moment, but never in an hour?

2-what goes around the world and stays in a corner?

3-the man who made it, doesn't want it
the man who bought it, doesn't need it
the man who needs it doesn't know it

4-what's the beginning of eternity,
the end of time and space,
the beginning of the end,
and the end of every place?
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1. It's the letter "m". There's one in "minute", two in "moment", and none in "hour."

2. I'm not sure about this one. Might be an atlas.

3. A coffin. Bought for a dead man(who doesn't need it) by his relatives(who don't need it) from an undertaker(who doesn't want it).

4. That one's easy. The letter "e"


- Tearsofjoy.

PS: I'm proud of myself, I finally beat Eargasms to one of these Emotion: wink
Namaste Tearsofjoy

Aap kaise hain ?!

Aap se milkar bahut khoshi ho

Thank you for answer!!!
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Aadab, Abbas Sahib!

Main to bari kushal aur khush hun. Dussehra/Durga Puja ke samay aur kaisa raha ja sakta hai?

EnglishForward mein Hindi message parhkar mujhe bara maza aaya, aur haan - aapse milkar bhi bahut khushi huyi!

And solving riddles is my pleasure.

I suppose that this conversation should be translated for the benefit of other readers. And to be honest, my Hindi sucks. I'm not a native Hindi speaker, I'm Bengali.

Anyway, Abbas wrote:

Namaste(a typical Hindu salutation) Tearsofjoy,

How are you?

It was good to meet you.

And I replied,

Aadab(a Muslim salutation as far as my limited knowledge goes) Mr. Abbas.

I am both well and happy. It is not possible to be otherwise during Dussehra/Durga Puja(a Hindu festival that just got over. Celebrated in North India as Dussehra, and in Bengal as Durga Puja)

It was fun to receive a message in Hindi at EnglishForward, and yes - it was a pleasure meeting you too!


- Tearsofjoy.

Well done !

I have to disagree with you on number 2.

I think it is a stamp.Emotion: smile
hard riddles no even close ideas on any of them

i curious anyone know the answers?
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Eargasms, I have to agree with you. I could not think of anything for number two, so I put down atlas. But stamp fits the bill much better. Well done as usual!


- Tearsofjoy.
Hi Tearsofjoy,

Could I possibly learn where you got that writing as your signature? Might it be taken from the story called "The Canterville Ghost"(from Oscar Wilde)??

Thanks in advance,

Best regards..

Hey DJ Bueno,

Yes, of course my signature has been taken from "The Canterville Ghost" by Oscar Wilde. I wrote down the verse from memory, though, so let any discrepancies between my sig and the original text be attributed to that.

Best Wishes,

- Tearsofjoy.
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