Hi all,
If my name is John Chan.
Someone called and say, "may I speak to mr Chan please?" what should I answer? Is it correct to answer "Mr.Chan is speaking. Who is this?"
How about if someone say "may I speak to john, please?" ...."John's speaking. Who is this" ?
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It's ironic if a post about an answered phone call goes unanswered - so I'll have a go
You can answer, "Speaking" or "That's me" or maybe more polite "Mr Chan speaking"
"Who is this? " I find a little abrupt and possibly rude? " Who am I talking to?" would be better
"John speaking" - "Who am I talking to"
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I sometimes say, "your wish has been granted." Usually, "speaking", depending on how chipper I feel. I'm not in a business, so most calls are personal, and I can afford to be casuaol.
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Just say, this is he.