Hi all!

I'm running a litle flowers business over the internet, and i'm trying to setup my answering maching for english speakers too(its already working in french).

I need some advice in recording the opening message for the answering machine correctly.

I thought of something like this:

Start with English:

1. "The french announcement will be followed by an english one".

Continue with Franch:

2. "...French message...(which says please leave your message etc.)"

Back to English:

3. "Hello and thank you for calling. Please leave your message and we will be back to you shortly."


Is the structrue of the English sentences is correct?

Thanks for your help Emotion: smile
They are but I wonder if you risk putting off the callers whose language is not first...the French people may not listen past the first couple of English words.

Could you start

'Bonjour and Hello'. This shows it will be a two language message. Then keep combining the two parts. 'Thank you for calling' in both languages. then 'Please leave your message etc' in both languages.

Not that there is an ideal solution to this.
Thanks for the advice nona.

Just to be sure:

"and we will be back to you shortly", is it formal enough?

We usually say 'we will get back to you shortly' and yes, it is fine to use. A very common ansaphone phrase.