Dear Ronald

I am happy to help you.

In Iran, there are many delicious meals, and every city of Iran has its own types of the local foods. Therefore, you have many choices to enjoy here. We have three main meals like other countries.

In Iran, for breakfast, we eat bread with other things such as butter and honey or different types of jams, cheese, and boiled or fried eggs. Sometimes, Iranian people eat 'Halva' and 'Halim' for breakfast too. Also, you can try a strange and special food called 'Kaleh Pache'. It includes some parts of sheep such as head, feet and stomach. We like it.

There are a lot of traditional restaurants to serve delicious foods for lunch and dinner. We serve most of our foods with rice and bread. You have so many choices in every restaurant. I can suggest some foods such as different types of Kebabs, Ghorme Sabzi, Fesenjan, Dizi, Tahchin, sea foods etc.

In addition, Iranian people like fast foods like Pizza, Pasta, etc. In the south of Iran, people try mango sauce with fast food. I would recommend it to everyone.

Have a great time In Iran.

Best wishes,