I have several questions concerning Arctica, antarctica, south pole and north pole.

First, What is the difference between south pole and antarctic?

Long man dictionary presents arctic as an adjective and antarctic as a noun. I cannot figure out how adding ant prefix can change the part of speech. beside what is the adjective for antarctica?

Any extra information about these words are highly appreciated

Thank you very much for your time
hrsaneiLong man dictionary presents arctic as an adjective and antarctic as a noun.
How does he use articles and capitals in this connection?
If what you say is accurate, there has to be something wrong, or something misunderstood.

With small letters, "arctic" and "antarctic" are both adjectives.

I've always taken "The Arctic" and "The Antarctic" as regions.

"Antarctica" is the name of the continent.

Alas, there is no land mass at the nortn pole (although Santa Clause lives there), so there is no Arctica.

"The pole" can refer to the imaginary axis on which the earth revolves,
and also to the orientation of Earth's magnetism. The magnetic north pole shifts it's location.
I don't know if the center of rotation also shifts.
Some say both its location and its angle relative to its orbit (solar angle) are changing.

I'm not sure about the capitalization of "The North Pole," except in regard to Santa Clause.
I suspect "I am now at the south pole" would not be capitalized.
Then there was the pregnant penguin who cabled her mate in New York: Am with Byrd at the south pole.

The Arctic Ocean and The Antarctic Ocean are also proper nouns.
(The A-words cease to be adjectives in this usage.)

This is also true for the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.
Thanks Avangi.

I had'nt paid attention to the capital and small letter.

you were right about that.

thanks for your help