Can you please help me with these:

1) Jeffrey prayed that woman was as good as her word.

2) She went south. (died?)

3) front porch (are there front and back porch or is it a fronch in front of the house? I was never quite sure about this expression)

4) hot pain in his eyes (what kind of pain is it?)

5) He let this slide (pretended that he did not hear or let it go)

Thank you

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P. C. is quite good... I've read all her thrillers. Yet I prefer those before "the last precinct".
Mmm. I see.

Then I might go and buy it.

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Hi Pieanne,
Karin Slaughter's thriller are really exciting and entertaining to read, though quite drastic (as you might have guessed by Antonia's questions). I also like thrillers by Alex Kava. And your're right, P. Cornwell's last books are not as good as the first ones of the series (with regards to believability and positive view of life).
Yes, and what bothers me most is her use of the present tense instead of the simple past...