Hello, can you please, please help me with the following:

1) Is disjointed harmony the same as cacophony?

2) She just could not reconcile with what was happening in town with her own home. (said when remineded that she should be locking up the house) Does the "home" here refer to her house or it means: She did not know what was happening with the town where her home was, or?

3) to be instrumental in helping one (isn't it redundancy?)

4) to serve as an anchor?

5) She held her pom-poms out from her sides (she spread her arms forming the letter T with her body?)

1. Not necessarily. A cacophony is a horrible noise; but "disjointed harmony" might only be slightly dislocated harmony, e.g. a suspended fourth, or a movement through otherwise harmonious chords with only one or two notes out of place in each.

2. "The events in the town seemed incredible – this was her home, after all." The first "with" seems redundant.

3. "To play an important part in helping someone." I'm not sure there's any redundancy; but it's not an elegant idiom.

4. To give stability; to be a reliable dependable person.

5. Yes, I think a T would do it.

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Thank you Mr P.