Can you please read this and see if I'm right:

(Talking about belladonna drug):

-It's still a crapshot, though, because the consistency isn't guaranteed, even with people who grow it for medical purposes.

-What medical purposes?

-Well, you know when you go to the eye doctor and he dilates your eyes? It's beladonna compound. Very diluted, but it's belladonna. At this level of concentration, the worst you could do is give them a really bad headache and killer constipation. It's at the pure level that you have to be careful.

Does consistency here mean that it's reliability isn't guaranteed because it is pure drug and you could kill sb, it is not a compound?

Thank you
Are you sure it isn't a crapshoot?
I take it to mean that the quality of the belladonna on the market isn't consistent, so you can never be sure that you've used the correct quantity.

Only a guess, though!

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Yes it is crapshoot, sorry
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