Can you please help me with the following:

1) He was injecting her with something every four hours or so. The drug was potent enough to keep her from hurting, but not enough to knock her out. He only knocked her out at night, then with whatever he was putting in the water.

I'm confused by the last sentence. Does it mean: He only drugged her to unconsciousness at night, and then (during day) he would drug her with whatever he was putting in the water?

2) The secondary restraints all but paralyzed her. (she was nailed to the floor, chained and drugged. What are the secondary restraints?)

3) What does it mean: He held up a pair of pliers in her line of vision. (that she can see? within her range?)

Thank you
Hello Antonia

1. During the day, he gave her a pain-killer, but not enough to lead to unconsciousness. At night, on the other hand, he gave her something to make her sleep; presumably in a glass of water.

2. Well, the primary restraints would seem to be the nails and chains; so the drugs, I suppose.

3. Yes; if she's chained and nailed, etc., she has a limited field of vision (because she can't move much). So he holds up the pliers where she can see them.

Thank you Mr Pedantic.

I find your posts very helpful.