Can you please help me to find the exact meaning of this expression:

You can swap like for like: for example, any fruit or vegetable can be swapped for an equivalent-sized serving of another fruit or vegetable (except potatoes).

Thank you very much
Pretty much as in the example, Antonia: something in exchange for something similar. The degree of similarity depends on the context. The phrase is similar to tit for tat, except that the latter has to do with retaliation, while like for like is more often used for benefits.
Are you are back to cooking, Antonia?
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I would assume it means that you can replace an item with another from the same category (without violating the diet plan) -- if you don't like apples you can substitue pears, but not bread or meat. (Here'a a delicious apple pie - oh, I was out of apples, so I substituted hamburger!)
Thank you guys!!

Yes, I'm back to cooking. Another diet: Weekend off diet:)

p.s. LL, South Beach is finally in print. My mum told me that she saw it (the book) on TV today. It is being advertised on our national TV. I'm so happy.Can you send me your address in a private message? I promissed something a while agoEmotion: big smile
Hi Antonia,

I'm so happy that the book is finally published, and it is advertised on your national TV. Congratulations. Hope you translate more books and be succeeded in whatever you want to achieve.

About the promise, that was a joke, there is no need to commit yourself to that and send me a copy. Your happiness and success are all I desire. Emotion: smile Thanks for the offer.

And good luck with Weekend of Diet, hope there are interesting recipes that you can share with us as well. I'm very fond of that chicken mole, and make it every now and then. Emotion: big smile

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But I want to send you a copy, really! Emotion: smile
Thank you very much, Antonia.

Please send me a photo of yourself with the book in your hands (the cover of the book has to be clear in the picture!). That will go. Thanks [L]
Ok great, I'll get the book in few days and then I'll send it to you. bye
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