Can you please help me with the following questions:

What does it mean:

1. He walked a tight circle

2. She made a spot check on me around 2 o'clock (She checked whether I was there around 2 o'clock?)

3. I'm a religious man. That's what caught me up with Sara.

4. You like to keep up with your girls (to be updated, to be informed about?)

5. He sat back, letting the sun hit him square on the chest. (directly?)

6. That was how she had met Greg M., her last boyfriend of any consequence.


7. to throw the games in honour of his masculinity (stop the game, or admit that sb else won)

8. She rolled her head side to side, revering in the aftermath.(does revering comes from the revere=to honour, respect or from reverie=daydreaming?) (what does the blue expression mean?)

9. she felt her body letting go, her mind coming back into focus (how do you understand this sentence?)
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1-- more context would be nice, but I presume he walked around in a small circle.
2-- a spot check is a check on work performance or product quality made at random times without warning.
3-- Hmm. Perhaps that's why Sara was disappointed/offended/upset with me.
4-- Yes.
5-- Yes.
6-- last significant/important/serious boyfriend
7-- to lose intentionally
8-- I think it should be revelling. The aftermath = the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event); the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual.

9-- She felt her body releasing its tension and her consciousness or lucidity or clear-thinking returning.

More context could affect my interpretation of several of these, Antonia.
Hello Mister Micawber,

Your answers fit the context. I'm not sure for the number 3: This is said by the rapist to the victim's husband to provoke him.(he's (the rapist) been tried for the rape and served his time, and now the husband, who didn't know that his wife had been raped, comes to visit him in his house).

As of 8, it is not revelling, but revering. Does it make any sense to you? (after the wild sexEmotion: embarrassed that the victim experienced with her rapist, but under the influence of drugs and hallucinating that she was being with her ex-boyfriend) Sorry, I hope I haven't spoiled your next meal. I'm having a hard time translating it, every now and then I go and vomitEmotion: smile.

Thanks for your replies
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3-- OK; my second try is that to catch one up with someone means to attract one to someone; notice/preoccupy with someone.

8-- Antonia, it makes no sense at all to me unless it is a misprint for revelling: that's what one does after sex: revel in the postcoital ecstasy (she thinks it's her boyfriend, whom she loves, right?).
Could no.8 be based on reverie?--

Etymology: French rêverie, from Middle French, delirium, from resver, rever to wander, be delirious

EDIT: (oops, I see Antonia has already wondered about this possibility. Anyhow, that would be my guess, although I'm not convinced it's a word.)
I have some ideas about question 8 In the afternoon of the desert: it means we shared to each other a secret, she had been in diet for two days, she didn't eat anything because she was very resent At that day ,we were nine or ten. I was very familiar in Dalat but she was a strange. I took her to a small restaurant to eat chinese soup. More than ten years after, we met each other in a special circumstanc in Cap Saint Jacques, we didn't say any words, we keep a purple afternoon in the desert Really , we're not sure who we were. Every thing around us was weird!Thing has been changed.

Qestion 6: Mr Grace is my teacher. He used to wear dark glasses. He was the richest teacher but he used to drive a Jeep instea of his white Toyota to go to school. He spoke French with a melodious voice of Chritophe. We were surprised when he and Mrs Oriole are partners.Mrs Oriole was a literari, her favourite song was My winter, so it's her fate. One day, I met Mr Grace at the car station, where I took the car to a remote village for teaching. He told me:' In the past I was a teacher, you 're a student, now you're a teacher I'm a worker'. I was moved to tears in the curious regards of people around him.It has been said:'Mr Grace were broken all his feet because he dared to resist the pirates. He has never walked again. He betrayed Mrs Oriole." At the bottom of my heart, I realize clearly the reason of this betrayal. He couldn't come back on his wheeling car and said: "I love you"

Phuong Ninh
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Couldn't 8 be revelling?

edit: sorry, MM, I hadn't read all of your post
Well, it does seem there is no modern verbal version of the Middle French rever: to be wandering deliriously.

Too bad...we could use such a word. It might explain a lot of things.
(8. She rolled her head from side to side...

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