Does it mean that this soya is in a pot, tin or sth?

Context: 125 g pot soya?

or pot yogurt?

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I guess pot soya is a kind of yoghurt made of bean.

well, I'll have to check it out then. Thanks.
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I've reread my recipies and seen that it is always mentioned in breakfasts to be eaten with cereals or fresh or frozen berries, so it must be, as nona said, soya milk. Nona is British, so, if this is the first thing that comes to her mind, it must be it, since this is British book.

Here is the context (this is not the exact quote, I can't find it right now)

cereals or handful of almonds (or berries) served with 125 pot yogurt or pot soya.

If you have any comments, please, write them.Thank you all
It seems so. Just one question. I do not eat cereal with yogurt, but if someone else does, it means that it can be served by a yogurt-style soy product as well. What do you think?
I think it's yoghurt and not milk...
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Yes, it can be served with soya yogurt. But on some other places in the book they specifically say soya yogurt, and pot yogurt. They differentiate these two.
I have seen in some Korean film ,people eat yogurt for a diet and soya yogurt has a good effect to keep fit. And another thing some people can't drink milk, can serve this kind of drink easily. A man meat's a poison for others.Some people can't stand the odour of yogurt. It's so strong and soya yogurt is tender.Soya yogurt is usually put in small pot because you can't eat a lot. Some people like to drink it with ice in a glass instead eating it in a pot after freezing.

Phuong ninh
Ok, so most of you think it's a yogurt?
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