Does it mean that this soya is in a pot, tin or sth?

Context: 125 g pot soya?

or pot yogurt?

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I would think it want a pot of soya milk. (Does a liquid make sense to the recipe).

Otherwise, soya is a type of bean that is processed into various basic ingredients such as flour, milk, tofu...
Hi Nona,

pot soya is almost in every recipe, I'll have to read it all once again and see if it fits (as liquid).

So pot means that there is some liquid, isn't it container?
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In the UK, yes, but this sounds like a US recipe, so you'd better double check or someone's grub could go horribly wrong...Emotion: ick!
It appears mostly in the recipes for breakfasts. It is eaten as breakfast (without anything else) and it can be replaced with yogurt (apparently it has the same energy value)
It seems, from other recipes by google, that it is a youghurt-style soy product!
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Sounds like a sort of Soy yohurt then.
You don't wrote clearly what kind of this soya being made in the spot. You only compare it with yogurt. Pienna has recited some kinds. of this bean. I'll add some drink made of this bean. . People used to process it for milk. then , they made yaourt. For vegeterians, they use this substance to make tofu and make many delicious dishes with this paste. For ordinary meal, they put it in a pot with some liquid such as wine and pepper [ Some French call it cheese] or make a kind of sauce: soya sauce.People could grind it to flour to make cakes.

Phuong ninh
You forgot about soy cheese, Phuong, that comes with different flavours! Emotion: big smile

Though I've seen many soy products here, including soy cream, I haven't come across soy youghurt. So I guess Antonia has a same problem, there is no such a product in her country, and yet she has to introduce it to the readers!
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