I have several questions:

1. What does it mean a righteous tone? (of voice)

2.He hated him so much that his teeth ached.Is this simile frequent in English? or is it sth that the author invented?

3. He wasn't a violent man off the football field.

4.Everything is set up.= ready?

5. We'll drop the pending charges on the drug bust. Are these charges for drug posession? What does it eman bust in this context?

6. We'll send him up to the Atlanta pen and cut our losses. Is it short for penitentiary?

Thank you for your time and effort
1-- righteous = morally justified. The manner of speaking of one who feels s/he is saintlier than thou.
2-- Not frequent, but I think I have heard it before. Extreme hatred.
3-- He was only violent when playing football; otherwise he was gentle.
4-- ready, indeed; prepared
5-- on the arrest for drugs. A bust is a search without warning, a sudden assault by the police on suspected wrongdoers.
6-- penitentiary indeed
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Thank you, our guru almighty!

Everything is clear except, charges on drug bust,

I understand He was charged for murder, but how can you be charged for bust if bust is something that policemen do. You can be charged for drug posession, can't you? Or is it just one of these things that is said that way and nobody knows exactly why?
You're absolutely right, Antonia, but I read it this way:

We'll drop the pending charges on the drug bust = We will not charge with a crime those who were arrested in the drug bust. (The charges are pending, of course-- not yet issued. On = on the matter of?)
Ok, I understand now.

Thanks Mister Micawber
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