I have more questions concerning my book. Can you please help me and tell me what the following means:

1) Her words cut deep. (hurt sb badly?)

2) She laughed humouressly.(is it a dry, insencere or ironic laugh?)

3) What is door jamb?

4) I don't want you hang around the periphery of my life

5) chains through eye hooks had been screwed to the floor

Thank you
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1. Yes

2. Insincere.

3. Part of the frame - I believe the part that goes over the top of the door but I'm not 100% sure.

4. hanging around the... edges of my life...don't be hanging around where I go, trying to talk to my friends etc.

5) Round ring hooks.
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cut deep?why not deeply?or it's the regular regulation?
cut deep?why not deeply?or it's the regular regulation?(adj decorate cut)
"Deep" is also the adverbial form, like "fast", and others I can't think of at the moment Emotion: smile
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you meant it's adj and adv were all DEEP?no deeply?but i looked it up in my dictionary,there's a deeply and a deep,if i dont understand you,tell me please,thanks!
Here's my source (Cambridge)

oh ok,thanks

but,what's the difference between adv deep and deeply?
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