Can you please help me? What does it mean in the context:

Sara pulled the top off the pudding as she scooted onto the counter.

I have another question. What does it mean ''That's not what we're all about" in the context:

Doctor(the detective's ex wife) telling to the detective (they are both working on the case of the murdered and raped young woman):

"College girls being raped, killing themselves. That's not what we're all about, is it?"

"I guess not."
1. It means she had to climb/jump quickly onto the counter Emotion: tongue tied (a mouse?)
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2. That's not what we are interested in (since they are investigating murders, not suicides)
Hi, Pieanne,

1. I think it has to be something like that, although the subject is not a mouse:)

2. so, to be all about something means to be interested in?

Thank you for your time and effort
1. No, I meant Sara jumped because ofa mouse Emotion: smile

2. More like 'that's what we are talking about"
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Oh, I see, thank you...[F]