Why is it called sunrise? Is there any special reason for this name? Is it consumed early in the morning, or is it named like this just for fun?

Thank you

p.s. I wonder if I should leave the name as it is or translate the sunrisepart.Emotion: rolleyes

They seem to be healthy cocktails, full of vitamins, to be savoured in the morning. Are you translating from Croatian into English, or vice-versa?
I t probably also has an orange-pinkish color like the sunrise sometimes does.
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I'm translating from English into Croatian. I'll check and see if this cocktail is common in Croatia. I don't drink cocktails too much. Thanks girls[F]
I mean smoothie not cocktail. It could be that it exists, but that I haven't heard for it.
Ah, Tequila Sunrise... Emotion: smile
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Yes, I was thinking about it when I wrote cocktail.