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When we say think thin, what do we mean? Think like a thin person?

Thank you
Always pay attention to things (vegetables, exercise, etc) that will help you become or remain thin.
Thanks Mister Micawber
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I think to keep fit by choosing the tip- top aerobics class,doing excercise every morning and if you can't reach your aim, you should be in diet.,be a vegetarian for 'actor' purpose.

Phuong Ninh
I'd understand "think thin" as "never lose sight of your objective, keep your goal in mind at all times". There was "think pink", and it's the same kind of pun. Like "think positive": "be positive all the time".
Thank you all. It's good that you remembered think pink-this will probably give me an idea how to deal with it.
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If I were you, I'd translate it literally.
Thank you, pieanne. I might do that.