Can you tell me what 'wasted' means in this context:

Particular things to avoid are: ordering courses you're not really hungry for just because you're 'out for dinner', consuming 'wasted' calories in things like full-fat dressing poured over your salad, eating huge portions of foods just because you've been served them, and eating things you're not really enjoying because they happen to have been served with your dish.

Thank you
It means that if you use up some of your daily allotment of calories on things that you don't really appreciate, you have "wasted" the calories - it would be better to avoid the things you don't care about and "use" the calories on something you really want.
It means the same as wasting time or money, except you are wasting calories here.. You didn't use it properly.

When you intake 500 calories of meat or grain, you can replenish your body with nutrition it needs. But if you consume stuff like soda or candy, you may have taken in 500 calories of food, but it adds up to zero nutrition. To describe this situation, someone coined the term 'wasted calories'.
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The title of your thread is tragic, Antonia.

I hope things get better...

Emotion: big smile I'm watesed, indeed.I need a vacation!

Thanks guys, I understand now.
Shame, I liked antonia's interpretation better. that would mean I was wasting all calories that did not come from chocolate!
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I think that was my interpretation, Nona. I admit that Danyoo's makes more sense, but I think I am used to hearing the term "empty calories" instead for calories that don't provide nutritional benefit.