I have several questions for you. If you have enough time and energy, please help me.

1.What kind of cough is wracking cough?

2. What is a picture window? I found that it is a big window and sometimes even a part of wall in glass.

3. Is core temperature the same as body temperature?

4. What does it mean when sb feels a weight drop onto him?

5. What does it mean: Searching each other out. (In the context of playing a game in the water while keeping your eyes closed).

Thank you
Hi Antonia,
1. violent, extremely strong, causing weakness or damage; but might just mean "strong cough" here (context?)
2. correct, please have a look at images.google.com
3. Core temperature is the body temperature at the center (core) of your body. If a person is in real danger of freezing, the outer temperature drops faster and the body tries to hold up the core temperature as long as possible, thus protecting the vital organs. -- Context? Sometimes applied to corpses: The core temperature being a means to make an educated guess on how long ago the death occured (because the core temperature drops after death down to ambient temperature).

5. Sara relates to a game she played with her sister, probably something like "hide-and-seek" where the one seeking closes his eyes and count up to a certain number, then starts seeking the other ("searching out the other").

<4. What does it mean when sb feels a weight drop onto him?>

I guess it's when you are suddenly faced with bad news, or something that worries you a lot.
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Thanks to you both. Your explanations fit the context. Bye
A "racking cough" is more usual...

Thanks Mr P
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Actually, its wracking.