Hi all,

Please tell me the most common ( formal and informal) antonyms and synonyms of the word "virgin" ?

Thanks in advance
Is that as in virgin wool, virgin forests, or vestal virgin?
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vestal virgin please ?
Actually a bit difficult, Kingfisher: while 'virgin' is rather objective, meaning a woman (or man) who has not had sexual intercourse, the antonyms are rather coloured by a societal feeling that loss of virginity is a step away from purity (hence the idea of 'sexual wantonness in the antonyms -- and because of the patriarchal nature of our society, the synonyms and antonyms from the thesaurus (below) focus on the female condition:

syn: maiden, canned goods, cherry, damsel, girl, maid, miss, old maid, spinster, unmarried woman, vestal

ant: fallen woman, wanton, adultress, whore
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is anyone there? I am trying to do my homework and i dont know some antonyms for senator!!! does anyone have a sugesstion???
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