Anurag Kashyap Wins National Spelling Bee
The Associated Press
FOX News
Thursday, June 2, 2005
WASHINGTON - Bursting into tears, eighth-grader Anurag Kashyap (search) of California became the U.S. spelling champ Thursday, beating out 272 other spellers in a tough two days of competition. He said he felt "just pure happiness."
Anurag, 13, of Poway, clinched "appoggiatura," a melodic tone, to take home some $30,000 in prizes. He won in the 19th round of the 78th Annual National Scripps Spelling Bee.
Also among 27 spellers remaining at the end of the sixth round Thursday afternoon were a half dozen home-
schoolers. Home-schooled students have won twice, in 1997 and 2000.
Eighth-grader Hannah Smith, home-schooled in Prior Lake, Minn., laughed and shook her head as though she couldn't believe she'd done it after correctly spelling
"nemathelminth," a kind of worm.
Others still on stage included a spelling whiz from Canada and one from Jamaica, the only two foreign
students remaining.
Finola Hackett, a seventh-grader in Tofield, Alberta, mastered "whiffet," a small or unimportant person.

Jamaican eighth-grader Stacey-Ann Pearson advanced by spelling "mycetophagous," which means feeding on fungi.

Fellow Jamaican Jody-Anne Maxwell in 1998 became the only foreign student to ever win the competition since it was opened internationally some two decades ago.
Thursday was the second and final day of the 78th annual National Scripps Spelling Bee. On Wednesday, 222 spellers were eliminated from an original field of 273.
"I'll just do the best I can," Louisville, Ky., seventh- grader John Tamplin said Wednesday night after making it through the fourth round by spelling "flamborough." It's an old English sword dance.
Most of the contestants at the bee's start were from the United States and its territories, but 14 were foreign students. There were 11 from Canada and one each from the Bahamas, Jamaica and New Zealand.
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The top 3 winners are of Indian origin - quite a feat.
(Email Removed) filted:
The top 3 winners are of Indian origin - quite a feat.

No feat at all for them, and not a particularly remarkable feat for their parents..r
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The top 3 winners are of Indian origin - quite a feat.

Yes, indeed: a superior intellect combined with
discipline and good ruttaafication skills.
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The top 3 winners are of Indian origin - quite a feat.

A more desirable feat would be if no one noticed they were Indian.

Tony Cooper
Orlando FL
The top 3 winners are of Indian origin - quite a feat.

A more desirable feat would be if no one noticed they were Indian.

I was wondering how many winners there were.

Skitt (in Hayward, California)
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
The top 3 winners are of Indian origin - quite a feat.

I was really surprised at how well many of the students performed, considering the restriction on the "pronouncer" to avoid overpronouncing. He tended to give a schwa pronunciation in many words in which I would have given a bit more of a clarity to the vowel. But there you have it. He stuck to the rules.
I think it was the "torrenticole" pronunciation that really baffled me. He did give "-cole" an unstressed "long o" sound (my US term) , but that was late in the competition. I was still trying to figure out whether, from his pronunciation, it should be "torrenticole" or "torrenticle", when the young woman missed the word by giving it a single "r".
That "swallowed l" sound was a problem for me. I don't say it quite so far back in the throat.