I'm a teacher in a local school in Malaysia. I teach english subject. my first degree was social science and diploma was tesl. english taught in my country is communicative. teaching english in a rural school is a great challenge.at the moment, i am considering to pursue my studies to a master's level. in fact i am waiting for a reply from a local university about my application. i chose to do tesl. the thing is i need to write a thesis and the topic i could think of at this point is 'using newspaper is an approach in teaching writing. in my opinion, a person can learn to write proper sentences by observing sentences constructed in an article. people can learn on how a good sentence is built around a newly-learnt verb. furthermore, newspapers contain various columns ranging from general news to sports from which students are able to read and learn how to write essays of different genre. Do you think that this topic has somewhat been written too often? could anyone give me advice on what topic i should write for my thesis or should i keep on with this topic?

hi..i am a teacher too..currently teaching in a private school...i just graduated 1 year ago and have bachelor in education(TESL)...u have a good topic there and i guess u can go ahead with it..however, please consult with ur masters lecturer beforehand...all the best
You might be able to expand your thesis to a much broader topic. Instead of just using the idea of 'news papers for learning writing' talk about what else can be done with it. You can introduce new lexis, set up communicative activites with students eliciting each others opinions on the subject, record yourself reading the article to make a hearing receptive skills portion out of it, tie some grammar tenses into the article. Maybe "how to create an English lesson for less than 1 (or 2 maybe:P) Euro. "