Hello all, I just wanted to know if anybody here could recommend me any good novel to read. Since the beginnig of the year I have read 2 novels from Dan Brown, 'DaVinci Code' and 'Digital Frotress', but as I'm a bit fed up with his books, I would appreciate if anybody here could suggest any title. English is not my mother tongue, but I didn't have problems to read Dan Brown or John Grisham books, for example.

Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance
It depends what you like. I would suggest you those books of PENGUIN.
Nervous by Zane.. I am reading that book, its very very good!!!!!
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I'm used to read those Best Sellers like 'The Firm', 'Patriot Games', and of course, those that I commented in my previous message. This week when I went to the bookshop, I remember that I stood in front of the 'Books in English' shelf and sincerely didn't know what to buy. I like those books that you can't give up reading, you know what I mean?. This happened to me specially with 'The Firm' and 'The DaVinci Code'. Genre I like reading are thrillers, drama and mystery

Thank you for your advice/suggestions...


What's about Harry Potter?
If you like Dan Brown style books (but not by Dan Brown), I would recommend books by Steve Barry, such as "The Third Secret".
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What about Stephen King or Sydney Sheldon? Has anybody read any of their books?
I love Stephen King's books. Even though they are a genre, horror, that is associated with rather trashy books, they are extremely well-written.