I use a dictionary while visiting this website very often. Even tough I always (or almost always) understand the whole plot - I would like to learn more more and more vocabulary, which is the most important, of course.
I use http://dict.pl - some polish-english dictionary but it is not very comfortable to switch the windows during writing or reading this page, checking the world and switching the window again. What Im looking for is a plugin which lets me to translate an unknown word very simply. If you have Firefox (or maybe IE as well, I dont know), you can see a Google/ebay/wikipedia/whatever plugin which lets you to search anything very fast (top right corner). Is there any dictionary which can be situated similar to this google gap? And what is very important for me - it should search without changing my current website - just connecting, checking, showing ...

Sorry for writing such a long essay but it was hard to explain what I am looking for Emotion: stick out tongue

Thanks in advance,
Hi Chris,
there are a lot of add-ons for Firefox, just check out http://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox /

I will tell you about two add-ons I use that you might find very useful...
FastDic: allows you to search for a word using the service you want (custom websites). Works like this: ctrl+click = open a new tab or window, etc. Check it out.
DictionarySearch: again, search for a word using what you want (custom websites). Works like this: select a word, right click, and you get the options in the menu. Open a new tab.

There are several add-ons that show you the translations in a pop-up or a little window and that are very handy. But you have to search for them on the website I gave you, because I never used 'translators"... I just think monolingual dictionaries are the ones to use.

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hy! i have a problem... i have to make a dictionary and i need to put every first word in the page in the header area. is there any plugin or anything i can use??? thanks in advance. if u know how i can do this please contact me at [address removed by moderator]

You should use QTL plugin.

It is situated on this site: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5641

In order to translate word you don't need to copy it, you only have to select it and translation will be show to you by popup.