does anyone can give me any recomendation about how the market of language schools looks like now?
I am from small town in Poland and there are no good schools in general, and certainly no chain language schools. I was wondering what it looks like and whether or not it is worth returning to my hometown and try to open something on my own - I know some good English teachers there (I don't have enough language skills to do it on my own).
I checked google and found http://www.speak-up.com/franchising - they offer franchising and and they have experience in this part of Europe. They have many schools in Warsaw etc., so I can imagine that they are quite good both for bussiness and learning skills. I've requested an offer. Do you have any other ideas of good language schools franchising? I really want this to work!

This doesn't have to be a chain of language schools, which is, you know, well known etc. I just need good support and good trademark. Does any of you have any experience in working in language schools franchising?

thank you very much in advance!
  • Min. investment: 100k€ to 500k€
I would think very seriously before I invested that sort of money in a business that could be threatened at any time by self-employed teachers charging one-third or less of the fees I would have to charge in a franchised school.