Hello Teachers,

1. Is 'I'm not any good' the same as 'I'm not good' semantically?

2. 'I'm not any good.' Is 'good' a noun or an adjective?

3. 'I'm not good.' Is 'good' an adjective modifying the subject 'I'?

Hello Hanuman

'Paco is not any good any more' means 'Paco is of no use any more'.
You can take this 'good' as a kind of non-count noun;something good or somthing useful.

1. The two are different semantically. Isolated, "I'm not any good" seems strange to me. It's often used with "at something". "I'm not any good at solving algebraic equations." "I'm not any good at caring for young children."
"I'm not good" can mean "I'm bad", "I'm evil".

2. "good" is a noun here. But if someone else says it's an adjective, I wouldn't bother to defend my position! Some might see it more as an adjective.

3. Yes. The adjective "good" is a subject complement here.

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Hi CJ,

re. I'm not any good at... What makes you think 'good' is a noun instead of an adjective? Please explain.

no = not any

Q1. So, 'I'm not any good at ...' = 'I'm no good at ...' Correct?

Q2. 'I'm no good at ..' Is 'good' a noun or an adjective? Why? Please explain.

Q3. Can 'I'm no good' mean 'I'm not good'(i.e. I'm bad/evil)? [only if 'I'm no good' can be said without at phrase]

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Probably because "any" is a determiner. Determiners occur with nouns, not with adjectives.

I'm not happy.
*I'm not any happy.

You aren't serious, are you?
*You aren't any serious, are you?

This suit isn't new.
*This suit isn't any new.

"not to be any good" is an idiomatic expression. In such cases, anything can happen!

Hi CJ,

Someone suggests 'good' be an adjective in 'I'm not any good at something' and 'any' is an adverb rather than a determiner. What do you think?

e.g. I can't run any faster. any - an adverb
e.g. Are you feeling any better? any - an adverb

Please answer Q1-3.

Interesting analyses. I don't really know. Let's wait for others to give their opinions. Emotion: smile
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Hello Guest

My dictionary says about the matter you are arguing as follows in the entry of 'GOOD' as follows.

Significance (II). The neuter adjective used absolutely, passing into a noun: That which is good.
colloq. to be any good, some good, no good: to be of any use, some use, no use. Also of persons: to be no good = ‘to be a bad lot’, to be worthless. Also of things: a bit of no good, quite a lot of harm.

1842 J. H. Newman Lett. (1891) II. 396 There is no good telling you all this; but it relieves me to do so. 1848 I Loss & Gain 324 It's no good talking. 1868 G. W. Dasent Jest & Earnest (1873) II. 359 Those which follow you, what sort of things are they, and what good are they? 1874 J. T. Micklethwaite Mod. Par. Churches 212 If they [curtains] are heavy enough to be any good at all, they are a great obstruction to the entrance. 1875 G. W. Dasent Vikings III. 199 Then your feeling will be some good. 1886 H. Conway Living or Dead ix, I tried to get it from Claudine, but it was no good. 1895 M. Corelli Sorrows Satan x. (1897) 111 He is no good, I tell you. 1958 E. A. Robertson Justice of Heart iii. 34 They've frittered the money away, and done themselves a bit of no-good, all round. 1958 L. A. G. Strong Treason in Egg x. 183 The pair of them were up to quite a bit of no good.

I don't know whether we can rely on what is written here, because that dictionary was too cheap, I bought it for nothing.