I'm writing on a story, and I've kind of lost my mind over it. I'm already on page 43, and the only super big thing that happened in that the main protagonist, Morgan, realized she was a half breed. Part human, and part 'creature' from the Realm of Evan. I know she needs to go on a quest of some sort to merge the human world and the Evan world, a quest that includes her planned love interest, Kaden, (because clichés, yay) which ends in them returning to the human world together, but leaves it open for another book. If you have any ideas, I'd accept anything. This is only a rough sketch of the whole bit. I know I'll need at least 2 more drafts before the copy I can show to my friends can even be thought of. Hope you can help. If not, thanks anyway. I hope this whole scenario doesn't sound cliché.



If she's only just realized that she's half alien, then she must look like a human, so maybe the twist is that she really is human after all, not human-alien, and Kaden, who is supposedly human, is really human-alien, so ...