Looking for idiomatic expressions.

I can think of: "You said it!" However, I am not even sure if "You said it!" can replace "I agree" at all times. Also, it's overly enthusiastic.

I am wondering if there are idioms or phrases that flow better in a conversation.


I see eye to eye with you.

We are on the same wavelength. (We are thinking in the same pattern).

Same here.

Sure thing.

No doubt about it.



"You have a point there." OR: "I take your point." (When you accept that something that someone has said is important and should be considered.)

We are on the same page. (We are thinking in the same manner; having the same general outlook or position.)

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I'm in with you on that.

I'll second that.

You've got my vote on that.

I'm in with you on that.

The "in" is used in the US (Clive is Canadian, originally from the UK).

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