Looking forward to hear for you, Dr. sampath. is it correct???
How to end a letter Regards, best regards, kind regards???
Not so correct. Try this: I look forward to hearing from you, Dr. Sampath.

Ending a letter: Kind Regards, Best Regards, Sincerely

Hope this helps. Good luck!

I am looking forward to hear from you.
either you can use Regards or Best regards.

one suggestion for you, go through the previous threads there already done discussions about how to end the email.
finger crossed.

Pavan Garimella
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thank you friend gotravel
I am new here. i have no knowledge of this site fully. thanks for your suggestion.

please tell me which is correct--- suggestion for you/ suggestion to you???
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Suggestion for you more common, but you do sometimes hear "my suggestion to you is...."
Hi studentmdl,

1.Looking forward to hearing from you, Dr.Sampath.
2.Dr.Sampath, I am looking forward to hearing from you.
3.Dr. Sampath, Looking forward to hearing from you further in the matter.

You can use: kind regards/ With high regards / Best regards depending on the age and position of the doctor.

Head of the Department (HOD) - With High regards/Kind regards.

Sr.Consultant - High regards/kind regards.

vsrao thanks. smdl
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