I've been in this field for nearly 2 years, but still a green hand~~~

I done it in ASIA ~~~~
Hey, I´ve graduated in Business Management for about 2 years and today i deal with that, if you want to get any informations abour that, just e-mail me or on MSN

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It will be great to chat to about business.

See yah!!
hello wellington

i'm a new member of international trade,i found that business english is too difficult to control..can you give me some advice..

looking forward your reply..

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i think ,the key is to communicate wiht people by oral english,not just use the email.report~~~~
I´m just about getting into it. You need to speak a lot of english and then you need to read some books in addition. That will work out.
today .my teacher give us an schoolwork(as a terminal exam) of doing a "marketing plan"? i feel it really hard to tackle with!

'cause my major is n't bussiness,what's more the planmust be written in english!

we wanna choose IKEA(China) to do the plan
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Hi,guy,which field are you mainly in?I'm in Phrmacy and Chemicals.International trading is interesting.

I'd like to share experience with you!

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Hi,I am a buyer ,hope we have chance to talk about this
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