i from turkey and i want to known as a turkish person
with good things if you have concern,problem about my country and people
i can talk with you?
........not to be biased is very important and it gives ways to people especially from different lands
about comunication.......
What part of Turkey do you live?:D
What is Turkey's famous food that anyone who visit turkey must eat ?
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a kind of desert its name is "lokum"

it is tasteful if you try you certainly like it

what about your country?
in the center ANKARA
I think my country food that tourist must eat is Tum yum kung .Its taste is spicy and hot.
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The topic of this thread reads 'Any question about turkey in your mind?' and just as soon as my eyes read it, I first thought about food (as in the bird turkey). My stomach started to growl! Emotion: big smile

Now on a much serious note, the first thing that comes to my mind about the country Turkey, is that they produce some of the finest linens in the world and I do look forward to visiting Turkey some day!
i from Turkey Republic, too.. and i think most famous thing of Turkey is Turkish language and Turkish hospitable.. Emotion: big smile

Turkish language (turkce) is so detailful language, and it is so developed language..
Did you pay a visit to turkey as you said?
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