Hello friends:

What do you know about Islam?

Im muslim girl.i know that your information about Islam are from media,

but some times these media may not be fair for many political reasons.

So I can help you all to learn Islam, and I promise you all to be honest and fair,

Im waiting for your questions?
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Hello Miss_muslima,
I have two questions related to islam as i am also a Muslim and i am very confused.
First question is that someone told me that its in the Quran that Allah promises to provide everyone with food even to all the living things exist in this world and Allah never breaks his promise, if this is a fact then why so many people die of hunger every year especially in Africa, recent example is Thar a village located in Pakistan.??
Second question is Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) is our last prophet and in his era Muslims had him and he was their to guide the nation and it was ages ago and he provided Muslims with the facts and knowledge which the world is getting in these years so why didnt we create a Muslim world which is so powerful and dominating?? like other countries they had only one person to guide them and they have developed themselves into a great nation.

hi I live in a Neighbourhood were I don't see Muslims but when I go to my cousins house in his neighbourhood there are Muslims everywhere just going about their daily lives and even children playing football and I was un aware of the religion until my brother married a Muslim woman and she is a normal person whom is committed to Islam. She is and inspiration to me even though I'm not Muslim and I don't even care about the hijab and her praying because I'm used to it. I just wanted to ask you about the media and why do they make Muslims look like terrorists because I know my sister in law isn't a terrorist and the Muslims in my neighbourhood are not so why do the media include the bad things about Islam and not the good side of Islam?
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Hello brother/sister,
Thank you very much for your question.

Well, there are several reasons why media portrays Muslims to be bad while in reality our lives are just like other non-Muslims'. One of the many reasons is the occupation of west in Middle east. If they don't show Muslims bad then they won't be able to get away with their plans of colonizing Middle east. You might have already seen what is happening in Gaza right now. Israel is the one colonizing and the Palestinians are the colonized people and still media blames Palestinians for resisting. If possible please read the 10 simple rights that Gazans have put forward and Israel is not willing to accept it. And most people are silent on the Israel brutality because they have been programmed to think that "Muslims are terrorists and it is good if they get rid of as many muslims as possible off the planet". It is pathetic, but that is today's reality.

I live in India. India used to be peaceful, but things are not the same now. Hindus here want Muslims to get out of India because they believe India is a hindu country and "media" has been playing the most important role in brainwashing people's minds because they know most people don't go and research and will accept whatever they feed them.

I have just shared with you a very small part. I think there are many videos on youtube which talk about "media portrayal of Islam and Muslims" maybe if you watch some of them things will be clear.

I hope I was clear in my explanation and truthful too.

Rest Allah knows best.
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hi miss muslima am nabila can u plz explain how muslim respond to the problem of unanswer prayer.
As salam was alekum. I. Ve been victim of extremely bad thoughts and worssssstttt horrible images words about prophet peace be upon him. This happens while I started practicing Islam and I turned to Allah whole heartedly. I am so much afraid. And there intensity increases when I offer salah . I don't know why this happens to me. I want to practice Islam and I have strong believe and faith in Allah. I have read about many people that they suffer from doubts in head . but I don't suffer doubts I believe in Allah truely strongly. But the fear of those thoughts make me feel worst. And I feel like someone says that you are thinking those I don't think those . May My skin be cut down and cut into pieces and death comes to me than of thinking or spoke of those words. Advice. I don't want to loose faith .I want to practice Islam and go to jannah. I want to please Allah by following footsteps of beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
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salam 3alikom my brother i built new website with new idea in da3wa can you help us in this work and improve content http://muslimforaweek.com /
Hello.lm ali .expert of islam.where are you com from.this is my email. Email Removed
Allah says in Qur 4/17, forgiveness is ONLY to those who commit sin out of ignorance and repent soon after. We also commit sin willingly and with knowledge. Hence , we can't expect forgiveness if we sincerely repent afterwards before death, like a year before death?
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